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Make Mullberry Home Wholesale Your Destination for Wholesale Gift Shop Items

Our buying team focuses on selecting products from the best-selling vendors and brands to bring you the best options for your customers. We carry thousands of everyday and seasonal gift and decor items wholesale—perfect for gift shops and retail stores alike. Mullberry Home Wholesale is on a mission to be your one-stop wholesale shopping source.

Why Choose Mullberry Home Wholesale?

Mullberry Home Wholesale is a different kind of shopping experience, because our Lancaster County based warehouse and online store has been set up with your very specific needs in mind. When you buy from Mullberry Home Wholesale, you always enjoy numerous benefits: 

  • A cash and carry experience that allows you to buy exactly what you need in the quantity you desire. There are no minimum purchases at Mullberry Home Wholesale — you can buy one item or dozens of them depending upon your needs. This gives you flexibility when deciding on the right wholesale home décor for retail, and allows you to shop within your budget. 
  • Low wholesale pricing perfect for gift shop retailers of any size. You don’t have to spend the money buying boxes and cases in order to get a wholesaler discount. This gives you tremendous buying power. 
  • The ability to stop worrying about finding a place to keep mounting inventory. This can be troublesome, especially for smaller businesses with very little back room space. 
  • A constantly changing inventory of merchandise. In order to keep your customers satisfied and coming back, you need to offer them new options. That’s why we consistently bring you the advantage of being able to get the latest, most popular gift shop items wholesale.

What Will You Find at Mullberry Home Wholesale?

Mullberry Home Wholesale has inventory that changes on a day-to-day basis, so you’ll always find unique merchandise. Our most frequently requested wholesale home décor for resale includes:

  • Baskets and Boxes – These are standard categories at Mullberry Home Wholesale, and they come in all the shapes and sizes you need to attract your customers. From woven baskets to wire mesh baskets, you’ll find exactly the right kind of carrying item.
  • Candles – Our retailers love buying candles from us, because they know that we only work with vendors who believe in the highest quality standards when it comes to manufacturing and selling candles. We offer jar candles and other varieties in the scents that are most popular among today’s homeowners.
  • Lanterns and Stars – Lanterns and stars are traditional among many types of home décor, including country and traditional. They can be wall-mounted, displayed on bookshelves or windowsills, or placed on front doors. Remember to display them creatively in your retail shop to encourage buyers!
  • Scarves and Jewelry – Many smaller retailers are widening their home decorating niches to include pieces of unusual jewelry and accessories. Browse our selection online or at our warehouse to see which pieces will best fit the needs of your shoppers.
  • Canvas Prints – Wall artwork is great for gift-giving or buying for decoration. Our canvas prints are ideally suited for a wide range of uses, such as to decorate a powder room or add a gentle touch to an extra bedroom.
  • Seasonal Items – We typically offer seasonal merchandise many months ahead of the season or holiday. Stop by frequently, or you’ll risk missing some amazing deals on seasonal wholesale home décor for retailers!

How to Begin Your Mullberry Home Wholesale Shopping Experience

Mullberry Home Wholesale is open to the wholesale trade only—supplying gift shops and other retailers with wholesale merchandise; we are not open to the public. If you are a retail business interested in shopping with us, please fill out a free application form and fax a copy of your tax ID and two forms of business ID to 717-354-0021 . After we receive it and approve your business, you and three buyers (if needed) will be able to shop at our 45,000 square foot Lancaster County cash & carry warehouse, or our “open 24/7” online marketplace.

 If you have more questions, we encourage you to contact our customer service department at 717-351-0017 or [email protected] We’re always happy to help you make the right decisions when it comes to buying your wholesale gifts and home decor from us. 


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